Why Use Southern Cross Horse Transport?

Twins, Greer and Danielle Butcher need to transport their show jumping teams throughout Australia for regular competition. They understand the special requirements for transporting performance horses. Their horses arrive at events unstressed, fresh and ready to compete.
At Southern Cross we ensure every horse receives this same level of care.

Advantages of Traveling Your Horse With Southern Cross

  • Our trucks are equipped with rubber lined, wide airy bays with recessed fittings for horse safety.
  • Access ramps have a low angle that horses can negotiate easily.
  • Your horse will travel comfortably on air bag suspension.
  • Surveillance cameras ensure our drivers are quickly aware of any problems.
  • Horses have continuous access to food and water during all stabled rest stops.
  • Mares with foals are given double bays and foals are allowed to suckle regularly.
  • Mares heavy in foal are given wide bays.
  • Where possible, stallions are separated from other horses.
  • If cool, horses are rugged during stops.
  • Overnight stops are usually in our own brand new stables (see below) where your horse will receive the very best of care.
  • All our Gold Pass Holders are enjoying Horse Power Feed as part of their transit meals.
  • Learn more at the Horse Power website
  • Only knowledgeable horse men and women are employed as drivers with Southern Cross

SCHT takes pride in ensuring that all horses traveling with them arrive at their destinations in the best possible condition.
In September (08), we were proud to transport six World Cup show jumpers from the Adelaide Royal Show to their next competition.

Southern Cross Horse Transport are exclusive carriers of The Butcher Twins Showjumping Teams.

Southern Cross Horse Transport has previously transported for the Australian Olympic and Para Olympic teams, the New Zealand Olympic team, and the transportation of horses for the 2010 Singapore Summer Youth Olympic Games, along with many other notable riders.

Regular users of Southern Cross Horse Transport include Australia’s leading Harness Race Horse trainers and owners, the Australian Top Show Jumpers, Dressage riders, Event riders, Yearlings bought or going to Sales, transportation for Mare & Foals, Stallions, and numerous riders from the Equestrian disciplines, just to name a few.


We have a new stable block fully operational for the care of your horses while in transit with us. Your horse will receive a gold lounge pass when they stop over with Southern Cross Horse Transport.

Stable block features:

  • Ten individual stables with feeders.
  • Stables have a breezeway that gives your horses plenty of fresh air, while still being enclosed to protect them for the weather.
  • Exclusive to Southern Cross Horse Transport, while in the gold class lounge your horse can:
    1. bring their own food,
    2. or feast on Horsepower Pellets
  • 24 Hour Room Service with experienced staff on duty 24 hours a day
  • All this is included, at no extra charge

When you book your horse to travel with Southern Cross Horse Transport treat your horse to the GOLD service he deserves!

Look through our gallery to see our trucks and stable accommodation.