Preventing Travel Problems

How to Prepare Your Horse for Transport on an Interstate Journey

In the weeks before travel:

  • Have your horse shod or trimmed to ensure any hoof injury is healed before travel.
  • Decrease high protein diets and increase roughage.
  • Decrease heavy work load, but continue with light work to help prevent horse being overexcited during travel.
  • Make sure your horse is an ideal weight.
    • Overweight puts strain on tendons and joints
    • Underweight and the horse will lose too much condition.
  • If your horse is young or unused to transportation, try to get him used to being led up a ramp and standing in a stall.

Sending Gear with Your Horse

As part of our Gold Cass Service, you can send some gear with your horse. We ask that all luggage is:

Travel Information:

  • Horses transport better without bandages and boots. Southern Cross Horse Transport bays have rubber paneling to prevent injury.
  • Our drivers take breaks every 3-4 hours to check horses also surveillance cameras quickly allow the driver to be aware of any problems.
  • If it is cool our drivers will rug the horses during rest stops.
  • Horses have access to feed and water during all stabled rest stops.
  • Horses are fed on a selection of quality feed which includes HORSEPOWER Pellets

Special needs:

  • Mares and Foals travel together in a double bay. Foals are allowed to suckle regularly
  • Mares heavy with foal are given a larger bay.
  • Where possible, stallions are separated from other horses.

On Arrival

  • Allow your horse paddock exercise to loosen stiff muscles
  • Give access to plenty of water as horses often dehydrate during travel due to stress.
  • Give access to plenty of feed as they may have only snatched at their fee during travel
  • Watch appetite closely
  • Introduce work slowly to allow stiff muscles to relax.

Taking these sensible precautions will ensure your horse is transported with as little stress as possible, and having a positive experience, will be happy for transportation in the future.

To ensure the very best nutrition, all horses using our In Transit Gold Pass are fed HORSE POWER Pellets as part of their meals.

Consistent Quality Every Time. Be secure in the knowledge that your horse is being fed top quality food while in our care and enjoying their Gold Pass 24 hr Service

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